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Coronavirus Information

The Parish Council are asking all neighbours to help where they can and if further assistance is needed to contact the council on 07923 408569

Battle Town Council  website  www.battletowncouncil.gov.uk also has information for help and which local shops are delivering, but, some have a two miles restriction for delivery..   Contact Battle Town Council on 01424 772210 Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 2.00p.m. Afternoons and weekends 07309 732536 Email [email protected]

Battle Area Assistance telephone 01424 774838

Our church is closed and the planned opening at times has also been cancelled

Rother District Council advise on their website  - www.rother.gov.uk/coronavirus   how they are dealing with all their services and how they can help with any support you need.  Telephone 01424 787000 option 4 or go on their website